Struggling to show up on Google?

Then this video course is just for you!

I own and run an SEO agency called Get Found Madison.

We rank pretty well for phrases like:

SEO Companies Madison WI
Local SEO Checklist
Google Review Template

We’ve also helped our clients move from page 2 (or worse) to page 1 of Google, claiming the top spots for phrases like:

dog paintings
training gym Madison WI
senior living Eau Claire WI

Learning to rank on Google is one of the most valuable skills of the 21st century, and now you can learn it step-by-step.

I felt daunted when I first started my company.

There were 6 pages of results when I Googled “SEO Madison WI,” and I figured all those companies knew how to get found on search engines.

At first I struggled, just adding the phrase “SEO Madison” all over the place in my code.

But then I buckled down and learned how Google works by studying these sources:

  • Google Webmaster Guidelines and Blog
  • Google Patents
  • Correlational studies of millions of search results

Within a year, my company’s website had surpassed even what I thought was possible:

We started showing up #1!

It’s a great feeling, and in the years that followed, businesses hired me and my team to help them do the same thing.

I love helping business owners and marketers get new customers for their companies.

But I’ve found that not all of them are ready or able to invest in an SEO campaign from an agency like mine.

Hiring a professional SEO can cost $10,000 – $60,000, easily.

That’s why I’ve distilled down our processes and created over 2.5 hours of step-by-step video instructions so you can follow along and do it yourself.

(That way, even if you hire a professional SEO, you’ll know what questions to ask them and how to check up on their work.)

Ready to “Crack the Google Code?”

“Whether you are new to digital marketing, wanting to expand your knowledge or simply understand what your digital marketing team does and learn how to improve on it, Eagan’s class will allow you to learn and grow your digital marketing skills. Eagan is an awesome teacher and provides plenty of materials and tools to help you understand the material.

Personally, my skills expanded further than I thought they would. I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn or strengthen their digital marketing skills to help grow their company’s digital presence.”

Robin Lawson, Sullivan DesignBUILD

Search engine website visitors are the best website visitors.


Because they’re specifically searching for what you offer!

When you show up for pertinent searches, people find you and contact you for business! It’s pretty magical.

So if you’re ready for your phone to start ringing,
your inbox to fill up with leads,
and your website to rank higher…

enroll in this course now and start climbing!