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Reach More Customers Through Google Ads

Increase your click-through and conversion rates and write ad copy that shines. 

Learn how in this new video course from digital marketing agency owner Eagan Heath.

Struggling to Market Your Business Online?

Here’s the sad fact: the majority of business owners don’t know the right way to bring people to their website.

They spend hours upon hours researching how to run ads, but they still don’t work. They’re spending money on ads that no one is clicking on or that aren’t converting.

Think of all the time and money you spent putting up your website. Do you really want that to go to waste?

Here’s the Problem

Business owners are not generally experienced with marketing.

As a result, they spend immense amounts of time and effort to market their business, including by trying ads on Google.

But these ads don’t convert. They aren’t optimized for what people are actually searching for, and people aren’t interested in clicking on them. 

Even if potential customers do click, they’re not convinced by the page they land on. 

Those are potential customers and sales that you’re losing. Ouch.


Here’s the Solution

You need to create high-performing Google Ads that grab customers from the first headline and don’t let them go until they’ve contacted you or bought from your website.

Luckily, I’ve created a step-by-step video course that shows you exactly how to do that.

This is the perfect solution whether you’re a marketer or business owner who is just getting started with digital marketing, or an intermediate practitioner who’s already created ads but is unsure where to go with optimizing your campaigns. Maybe you’ve already watched several videos and tutorials on how to make great ads, or maybe you’ve never even run Google Ads. Regardless, this course will help you find more customers and bring in more revenue. 



Start learning some of the most valuable skills of the 21st century


How to find the keyword phrases people actually use on Google when looking for products or services like yours

How to optimize your ads for those keyword phrases so Google understands exactly what your pages are about

How to improve your landing pages so customers actually buy after clicking on your ads.

How to actually measure how much business you’re getting from your ads (and track your improvement over time)

How to set up conversion tracking to see what customers do after clicking on your ads.

How to add ad extensions and assets to improve your click-through rates and boost engagement.

How to determine what’s holding your ads back and preventing them from bringing new customers in. 

Meet Your Instructor

My name is Eagan Heath and I’m the founder of a digital marketing called Get Found Madison based in Madison, Wisconsin. 

Back in 2016, I was launching a brand new website and company, and the competition on Google was stiff. 

In fact, it was even worse for me because I was going up against companies that had been doing SEO and running Google Ads a lot longer than I had.

I spent hundreds of hours researching and testing online search ads

In the years that followed, my team and I developed a proven process to earn leads for businesses fast!

We’ve since made millions of dollars for our clients, and we continue to help local, ecommerce, and B2B companies grow their sales. 


Proof This Really Works

Just so you know I’m for real, I’m including a screenshot of my clients’ Google Ads campaigns cost and revenue. 

The screenshots below are from an ecommerce client’s account showing the cost of their campaigns and the value of the conversions (new purchases) that they got from running those campaigns.

After choosing to follow our methods and work with Get Found Madison, this client made 69.35% more money from ads while spending 1.13% LESS.


Even better, their return on ad spend was almost 9x, which means they were making their money back 9x over.


What Other People Are Saying

Whether you are new to digital marketing, wanting to expand your knowledge or simply understand what your digital marketing team does and learn how to improve on it,

Eagan’s class will allow you to learn and grow your digital marketing skills.

Eagan is an awesome teacher and provides plenty of materials and tools to help you understand the material both inside and outside of the classroom.

Personally, my skills expanded further than I thought they would.

Having taken marketing classes in college I knew the fundamentals of marketing but none of the current digital marketing strategies that are essential for companies to be competitive.

I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn or strengthen their digital marketing skills to help grow their company’s digital presence.

Robin Lawson

Digital Marketing Mastery student

Since we started working with Get Found Madison we have seen a tremendous increase in online lead generation

Eagan and his team have been great to work with and have been very helpful in identifying areas in need of improvement and working to create quality solutions. 

We have seen our page rankings increasing significantly and are now on page 1 for many search terms, and at the top for our most critical terms.

If you’re looking for help on SEO, you want Eagan on your team.

Isaac LaRonge

Skyline Services (client)

My agency currently has 24 Five Star Reviews on Google.

You can read some of them below.




These skills have been worth hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in revenue to my company and they could be worth even more to you in the coming years.

Hiring a digital marketing company like mine isn’t cheap. It can easily cost you in the thousands, tens, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But today you can save time and money by buying my online Google Ads course for just $97.

That’s less than you pay for Netflix for the year, and unlike Netflix, in these videos you’ll learn valuable digital marketing skills that will make your company more money and make you a more valuable online marketer.

No, really.

You’ll make your money back many times over. 


One-Time Payment




How much content is there?

The course currently includes over 3 hours of video.

I continue to add to it as I learn new things and receive new questions from students.

If you have questions that aren’t answered by content in the course, I’m happy to create and add new videos to answer them.


Is there a guarantee? How does it work?


If you’re not completely satisfied with the course in the first 30 days after you purchase it, just email me at, and I’ll refund you and let you keep the course for free. 

This is a risk-free offer.


What if I've never run Google Ads before?

No worries! We go from the very beginning step-by-step so you can follow along. 

 Reach Thousands of Customers Online


Ready to learn how to write Google Ads that convert and make you more sales?