Website Conversion Optimization


Before you start paying a lot and working hard to bring people to your website, you need to make sure it’s in order to capture leads and sales.

All too often, businesses lay out their website with their own needs in mind, rather than what future visitors will be looking for.

Make sure your website has a modern design, loads quickly and looks fantastic on mobile phones and other devices.

The user should know immediately when landing on any landing page on your site from any device that:

  • your website is trustworthy
  • they’re in the right place based on what they’re looking for
  • you’re a viable option and they should continue browsing
  • there’s a clear flow of where they should go next

Include prominent buttons with calls to action (CTAs) written in active verb format from their perspective. For example, a free download lead magnet form button should say something like, “Grow my website traffic,” not just, “Submit” or “Send.”

Definitely check out HotJar to see where more of your users are clicking and to actually watch them use your site. You are certain to find opportunities for improvement by watching the ways actual people browse your site.

Lastly, you’ll want to become adept at building excellent landing pages. This is the internet age, so literacy now includes building web pages. There are paid tools you can use to quickly build landing pages for your campaigns. The best option is to have landing page templates right in your website builder. WordPress has a number of page builders that have this functionality, such as Divi and WP Bakery.

Here are some premium landing page builder tools you might want to check out.