Take Stock of your SEO and Prepare to Improve It Using Google Search Console

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Whoa, there, buckaroo! Before you rush in to start optimizing your website, you should see how you’re ranking right now for your target keywords, how much organic traffic you’re getting and from what keywords and pages.

You can test your SEO manually by signing out of Google or opening a Private Browsing or Incognito window, but know that there’s no such thing as a truly non-personalized search. Google knows your IP address, device, browser and search history, so it often shows you different results than other people see.

Moreover, you want the larger picture. Google Search Console can help you see that. Think of it like Google Analytics, but for your SEO. In Search Console (yet another amazing, free tool that not enough people take advantage of), you can see what phrases and pages are earning you organic clicks to your website.