Onsite SEO: Optimize Your Web Pages for your Target Keyword Phrases

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Time to actually optimize that website! Are you pumped? You should be! This is one of the top skills of the early 21st century. By learning this, you’re learning skills and principles that can serve you in any organization or even role.

Note: this tutorial is WordPress-heavy because I think WordPress is the Content Management System (CMS, aka website platform) with the very best SEO, especially when you use the free version of the Yoast SEO plugin. You can usually find the SEO settings in other platforms, and search for YouTube videos for “SEO in Squarespace” or “SEO in Wix” to get an idea of where these settings live.


The following is a case study on how I got my ecommerce website Splendid Beast┬áto #1 on Google for the phrase “dog paintings,” which gets thousands of searches per month. In this video, I show exactly how I approached the onsite SEO that earned this ranking, even without nearly as many backlinks as some of the competitors. One major lesson: don’t forget to optimize for people! The longer people spend on your site after clicking your result and the deeper they go into your website pages, the better! You don’t want users “pogo-sticking” by clicking back on their browser to check the Google search results again for a better result. Give them exactly what they are searching for, and Google will reward you.