Offsite SEO: Building and Earning Links from Other Websites

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The most important part of SEO once your basics are covered is links (or backlinks). Google and Bing both use links from other websites as one way to gauge whether your website is authoritative and valuable. (Other ways of doing this include whether people search directly for your brand or spend time on your site after their search without going back to the result page.)

But how do you build and earn links from other websites when you don’t have control over them? That’s what we discuss in this video.

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A Repository of Successful HARO Pitches


Because Help a Reporter Out (HARO) can be so central to your link building strategy, I’ve created a document I keep updated with some of my most successful HARO pitches that led to powerful SEO backlinks.

Click here to see examples of Successful HARO Pitches that Led to Backlinks.


It’s no exaggeration to say that responding to reporters on HARO has made me tens of thousands of dollars. Study up on what works and start pitching for yourself!