Optimizing Your SEM

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Once your PPC ads are set up and running, you’ll want to continuously┬áimprove them to decrease your cost per acquisition (CPA) over time. That means you want to pay less for leads and sales, ideally well below your profit margin so you can afford to continue running your ads to buy more customers or clients.


What determines Ad Position and Cost Per Click (CPC)?

Here’s an explanation from Google about what determines Ad Rank, or your position on the results page relative to other advertisers. Basically, it’s determined by a combination of your bid and your ad quality (which is determined by how closely your keyword matches your ad, and how closely that matches your landing page.)



Watch over my shoulder while I optimize some Google Ads


In this video, I go over how to check your Impression Share, Average Position and overall ad performance.




Here are the columns I use at the campaign level


Here are the columns I use at the keyword level.