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Woofta! That’s a lot to take in, right?

Don’t worry, it gets more familiar as you spend more time with it. And if you decide becoming a GTM master isn’t for you, you can always hire a consultant or contractor to help you set it up (including Get Found Madison).


We learned everything we know about Google Tag Manager from the fantastic Measureschool YouTube channel. Here’s their invaluable Intro to Google Tag Manager Playlist.

As mentioned, at Get Found Madison, we help clients set up Google Tag Manager all the time if you’d prefer to outsource this work. Check out our analytics services page.

Advanced: When we covered form submission tracking, we referenced the fact that the native GTM trigger for form submission might not work for you. Here is an incredible library of JavaScript listeners you can use to capture unique web visitor actions, such as form submission using particular WordPress form plugins.


And lastly, let’s see what you can do.

Don’t worry! Even if you don’t get all of these done and need to hire help, it can be worth playing around in GTM just to see roughly how it works.

At least give these a shot!

  • Install Google Tag Manager so it runs in the <head> tag on all pages on your websiteMake your phone numbers, emails and addresses clickable if they aren’t

    Optional: migrate your Google Analytics code to Google Tag Manager

    Optional: try creating triggers for click to call and click to email, and send the data as a Google Analytics event